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Commodity return and exchange policy

Regarding abnormal declarations and claims for shipped and undelivered goods:
1. Products that have been shipped:
According to relevant regulations, in order to ensure the security of the products use,if there is no quality problem,the customers cannot apply for returns or exchanges once our beauty and skin care products are shipped. If the customer cannot accept this clause, please do not place an order.
Payment fees, refund fees, freight fees, operation fees and discount fees will be borne by the customer if the customer applies for a return or exchange of products for personal reasons.The seller will handle it after negotiate and confirming the details with the customer.(Please consult the detailed refund standard and specific operation requirements before returning or replacing the goods.)
2. Commodities that have arrived but have not been shipped:
If it is within 5 days since the date of order confirmation and the customer applies for a refund or exchange of unshipped goods, the customer shall bear the receipt charges, refund charges, freight charges, handling charges, discount charges(i.e. bank Transfer fee).Otherwise the seller will bear the relevant fees.
3. Commodities that have been shipped but not yet cleared:
We guaranteeing a full refund without handling fee if the parcel has not been cleared for more than 55 days from the day the parcel enters the customs clearance.
For packages that have entered customs clearance within 55 days, the customer applies for a refund, and the relevant handling fees and deductions will be borne by the customer. (Handling charges refers to the handling fee charged by the bank when the order arrives and refunds; freight charges refers to the delivery fee for the package to return to the specified address)

Regarding abnormal declaration and settlement of delivered goods:
(Please members open the box for checking when signing for the package)
In order to protect your rights and interests, please check with the delivery staff face to face whether the type, quantity, specification, gift, and amount of the goods are consistent with the order before signing for the goods.
1. If the customer finds that the delivered goods are not attached to the actual ordered goods when checking and accepting the package, they should reject it on site and report to it within 2 days. It will be reviewed after receiving the customer's declaration, and after the review is correct, the customer will be returned and exchanged according to relevant regulations. (The seller shall bear the related expenses caused by the return and exchange)
2. If there is an abnormal situation when the goods are delivered (including other abnormalities except damaged goods, wrong delivery, under-delivery, incorrect version of the goods), but the customer has not checked and accepted the package on the spot in front of the courier, the customer must sign for it Supplement the relevant evidence within two days. the claim application may not be accepted if the customer cannot provide complete and valid relevant evidence and express delivery certificate. 

3. The seller has the right to request the customer to provide detailed photos and videos to assist in the investigation regarding damaged, mis-issued, under-issued, or incorrectly shipped products after the customer declares an abnormality.
4. Due to the long-distance transportation of goods, there may be varying degrees of packaging deformation caused by slight squeezing. If such conditions do not affect the normal use, we hope to receive your tolerance and understanding, thank you for your support in advance!
Refund shipping & handling fee:
1. Return shipping fee
1.1 If you have doubts about the quality of the goods during use, please provide a written assessment identification.If it falls within the scope of return, we will deal with it in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. 
1.2 The return and exchange due to your personal reasons, such as self-delivered return cost and exchange cost will be borne by you.

2. Return and exchange fee
The customer shall bear the 4% handling fee for applying refund; the handling fee for a single order shall not be less than USD 5 (the specific handling fee will be subject to the bank's standard.)
Refund confirmation and cancellation:
In order to avoid problems with the confirmation and cancellation of the refund application, if the customer need to apply for a refund or cancel the refund application, they must obtain confirmation through the contact information provided on our webpage .
If the customer fails to confirm the refunding or canceling application through the connecting ways on our webpage, the customer will not be processed for deduction, refund, or cancellation of the refund application.
Refund time:
After the customer confirms the processing plan and provides the relevant collection account, a refund will be arranged within 1-3 working days, and the refund will be returned to your account within 1-7 working days. If the relevant receiving account information provided by the customer is incorrect, the time will be within 7-14 working days after the customer re-provides the receiving account information, and the refund will be returned to you within 14-20 working days Account. (Customers must confirm whether the account information are correct.)
Instructions for non-claims under special circumstances:
1. Flight delays and transportation delays caused by holidays and other reasons.
Special holidays-for example: the Spring Festival caused a sharp increase in the number of parcels in various places, and the time limit for parcel delivery was extended;
2. Delays or abnormal situations due to irresistible factors (for example: shipment restrictions, customs clearance restrictions, special events, climate influences).
Special events :for example, major events such as the Olympics have caused parcels to wait longer for inspection.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, we will try our best to urge the freight company to deliver your package on time. If there is a delay in delivery, we are so sorry for the inconvenience and please understanding.If this condition is not acceptable, please do not place an order.

3. We guarantee that our products within the warranty period are safe and effective,we couldnt accept returns or exchanges requested because the production date does not meet your expectations.  
4. If the product has no quality problems and has not expired, the customer shall not apply for return or exchange because the shopping receipt or invoice are not sent with the goods.

Tariffs are uniformly charged at 10% of the value of the commodity.We will make the final settlement with you based on the actual tariffs in customs.If there is an overcharge, we will refund it to you, but less charged is not required to supplement.

If the customer cannot accept the above terms, please do not place an order.